Wondering Where to Start Your Job Search? – Part 4

Looking to get a new job this year or want to switch careers? Jobs Market is here to help! Hopefully you’ve tuned into parts 1 through 3 in our Getting a Job in 2022 blog series. If so, then you know how to get in the right mindset, perfect your resume, and the importance of a good cover letter. Next up… knowing where to start your job search. We will discuss where to start looking for that next great job.

Get Online!

The internet is an important tool for job seekers. It makes finding and applying for jobs so easy! First, you need to set up profiles for all the major recruiter sites. Below are the ones we highly recommend you have a profile with and keep an eye on their posted jobs. Best of all, they are free for job seekers.

Try a google search for your name and see what pops up

Try a google search for, “Where to Start Your Job Search”

Additionally, it’s a great idea to look for and apply for jobs directly on a company’s website if you know a place(s) you would like to potentially work for. 

Job Profile Tips

Once you set up an account with the above site(s), it is important to put together a professional profile. Here are some items you want to be sure to have on your profile.

  • Contact information – current phone number & email address
    • Tips on email addresses: Make sure it is one you check daily and that it sounds professional!
  • Headshot – Most accounts want you to put a picture of yourself in. We highly recommend that you use a professional headshot.
    • Tips on headshots: If money is tight and you can’t afford a professional headshot, have a friend or family member take a photo of you (just shoulders and up) against a plain or brick wall. Do not use selfies!
  • Educational and professional backgrounds
  • Skills
  • Professional memberships
  • Volunteer and/or community work
  • Recommendations or testimonials – some sites, like LinkedIn, have places in the profile to put these. Be sure to ask trusted professionals you’ve worked with to provide a recommendation for you and reciprocate by providing one back, if applicable.
  • Portfolio, if applicable.
  • Social Media links, especially if you work in a creative field or marketing.

Get Help

You do not have to go at the job search alone. If your time is limited, you are looking for specific work, or you just want assistance, then you should consider enlisting the help of a staffing agency or headhunter. These agencies or individuals are experienced in sifting through the many job opportunities out there and sending along ones that are a good fit for you. They will also help you throughout the entire application process. Additionally, they can even provide assessments and tests that further prove skills and certain backgrounds.

Put Yourself Out There

While it’s important to search out and see what is out there, it is just as important to put yourself out there and apply for any positions you are interested in. Do not let doubt creep in and convince you to not apply. It never hurts to apply for a job. You may not hear back or might not get it, but it is always worth taking the shot and applying!

What's Next?

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