We are looking for individuals with experience in Sales & Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Advertising and Recruiting to develop and maintain a region or category affiliate website for JobsMarket.com.  This is a 1099 contract position and can be performed on a part time, “second job” basis.  Commissions will be paid for any sales generated. Alternatively, a firm such as Marketing firm or Staffing firm can be contracted to maintain a specified territory.

The persons will be responsible for soliciting employers and job seekers to post their positions, résumés, and relevant content on JobsMarket.com. They will assist employers and job seekers with the posting process for jobs, résumés, news, resources and events. They will review all content for approval, edit content for search engine optimization and social media marketing. They will share content from JobsMarket.com to relevant social media pages with in the JobsMarket.com network and territory. All of this can be performed over the phone. There is no need for sales meetings or travel.

Persons must have a strong understanding of computers, web browsers, word processors,  Wordpress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail and Google Analytics. They must have a computer, cell phone and internet access.

Ideal candidate will have experience in Staffing & Recruiting, Sales & Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blogging. It would be extremely beneficial if the person has a network which they could leverage.

Persons must be team players, open to change and willing to contrubute as the company grows and evolves.

Interested? Send your resume to admin@jobsmarket.com