Interview Questions – What to Ask & What You Might Hear as an Interviewer

Interviews are a very important aspect of hiring process for both the interviewer and the interviewee. For an interviewer, this is when you can find out more about the potential employee – from their background to their personality. There are two types of interview questions – ones you will ask and ones the interviewee will ask you. In our latest Jobs Market blog we give interviewers some tips and top questions for what to ask and questions you might hear in an interview.

What Should I Ask a Prospective Employee in an Interview?

First, you want to ask questions that get the employee to open up and communicate with you. Therefore, try to avoid yes or no answer questions unless necessary and opt for open-ended questions.

Secondly, while there will always be some generic questions you are likely to ask every interviewee, be sure to prepare some questions that are unique to the applicant. This means you need to do a little research by reviewing their resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.

Finally, be sure to utilize pauses. Meaning, once they answer a question wait a few seconds to see if they add on more. You would be surprised how often silence leads to great information in an interview.

Try a google search for your name and see what pops up

Try a google search for, “Questions to ask during a job interview”

Potential Questions to Ask an Interviewee

This list could go on and on, but here are a few potential questions to ask an interviewee.

  • What skill(s) do you have that would be the most valuable to you in this position and why?
  • How do you typically handle conflict?
  • What aspects of this position do you think will be the most challenging?
  • Why would you be a good fit for this position?
  • What ideas do you have to grow this role?
  • How has your past work experience shaped your professional view and mindset?

Looking for a few more questions? Check out this great article by Indeed with a few more questions to ask.

What Questions Might I Hear as an Interviewer?

Think you are the only one asking questions in an interview? Think again. Always be sure to ask them if they have any questions during the interview. You can also open the interview with saying they are free to ask any questions they have at any point of the interview.

What questions you are asked are very important. Likewise, what they don’t ask is also very telling an interviewer.

For instance, if they ask or mention something from your website, then this interviewee completed at least a little research before showing up. Whereas, if they ask no questions about your company, then they likely did very little or no research into the company before the interview.

If they ask no questions at all, then likely it’s one of three scenarios…

  1. They are still very nervous and forgot what they wanted to ask. At the end of the interview encourage the interviewee to email any questions they think of. This gives them an opening and opportunity to still ask questions.
  2. The interviewee did not research the company or prepare for the interview.
  3. It’s possible after the interview – or maybe even before – they decided they really aren’t interested in the position but just wanted to keep the interview as an option.

Potential Questions You Will be Asked in an Interview

Often you will hear similar and more basic questions from interviewees that relate to the company and position. Below are a few common questions a potential employee might ask an interviewer.

  • Are there any benefits? If yes, what are those benefits?
  • What is the company culture like?
  • If not listed in the job ad, what is the hourly or salary pay?
  • Is this a new position or would I be replacing someone?
  • Will any type of training be required/offered for this position?
  • What do other employees say is the best thing about working here?

Occasionally, you will hear some more thoughtful and unique questions. So, just be prepared to think on your feet for those! Sometimes they even ask questions that are more personally directed to you. For example, ‘Why do you like working here?’.

Need More Help with Interview Questions?

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