How to Find Temporary Jobs and Why They are Important – Part 7

We are at the final part in Jobs Market’s ‘Getting a Job in 2022’ blog series! We understand finding a job takes time, so you might be wondering what to do in that time to make money as well as stay sane and busy. Today’s blog covers that very topic. Part 7 is all about interim jobs and how to stay busy until the perfect job comes along.

Remember Interim Means Temporary Jobs

If you read Part 1 in our series you saw it discusses getting in the right mindset. This is important to keep in mind throughout the entire job search process. Searching for a new career or job is a tiring and relentless process, so be mindful that it does have an end and will not go on forever.

The reality of today’s world is we all need to make money. Sometimes that means for a short while you need to work a job or even multiple jobs you don’t love while trying to find one you absolutely adore. Temporary jobs are just a means to an end. Do not forget that!

If you start feeling discouraged during your job hunt, especially while working that temporary job, then again remind yourself this is short-term and will pass.

Try a google search for your name and see what pops up

Try a google search for, “Interim Jobs”

Where Do I Find Interim Jobs?

There are three major places to look for interim jobs. Those are:

  1. Contract Job Placements
  2. Staffing Agencies
  3. Online Job Sites

First, you can try looking for contract jobs. For example, if you are a writer see if you can find some articles to pick up directly from magazines or publishers. Typically, you should try to look in the field you have experience and/or education for. However, some jobs like customer service or telemarketing you might be able to take on without prior experience. Check out This is a great site for freelance and contract work.

Second, you can try one of the many staffing agencies in the area. They often know all the temp jobs available among a wide assortment of industries. Furthermore, usually you are paid through the staffing agency, so it is less of a hassle if you need to take on a few different temporary jobs. Google Staffing Agencies Near Me.

Finally, Indeed and LinkedIn are your friends! In addition to using those to search for your new 2022 job, they are great places to look for temp or contract jobs to tide you over financially speaking. On Indeed alone there are search options to sort out contract and temporary jobs. This makes it much easier to search specifically for them.

Be sure to look back at Part 1 in our series that discusses getting in the right mindset. From setting a positive mantra to investigating your skills, there is enough constructive reminders in there to get you back on track!

Are You Ready Now to Land that Dream Job?

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