You are currently viewing We are always looking for local content to publish.

We are always looking for local content to publish.

Are you hiring, expanding, relocating, rebranding, or anything employment-related?

We would love to put together a blog post about your company!

Send us your story
We will put together a blog post that and share it to our social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. No cost to you, just send in a 300+ word article about your company along with a couple of photos.
What to include in your article
  • Your company’s name, location, industry, and a short history of your company. 
  • Any changes such as expanding, relocating, or rebranding
  • The type of positions your company employees
  • The skills, abilities, and character traits you are looking for
  • Positions that are currently available or may become available soon
Email story, photos, byline, contact info, and any related links to
We would be glad to help with any of this, just say the word.
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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay