How to use Social Media Marketing to find candidates.

We like to call it Jobs Market(ing)

With the unemployment rate around 5% across the country, it has become a job seekers market and much harder for companies to attract and hire candidates. Many employers are finding that the old way of posting a job online or running an add in the newspaper is not working in today’s Job Market.  So what do you do when the old ways aren’t working?  You go back to the basics, Marketing.

No matter what your company’s product or service is. When you are looking for employees to hire, you are Marketing. Selling your company to those candidates to hopefully convince them to come work for you.

4 P’s of Jobs Marketing (your business to hire candidates)

Product – Your company, brand, culture

Price – Your compensation package

Place – Where can you find your ideal candidates

Promotion – What message will you use to attract prospective candidates