Social Media- The New Research Tool for Employers

Social media is not only a fun way to stay connected to people, but it is also a useful tool for job seekers. There are many potential jobs listed on Facebook and LinkedIn. Some businesses even run ads with job positions on Instagram or other social media platforms. What many job seekers fail to consider though is after they apply for and interview for a job, most employers take to social media to research potential candidates. This means job seekers need to be more cautious about what they share and with whom. Jobs Market discusses this topic in detail and provides tips in our latest blog.

People are Always Watching

Keep in mind anytime you post something on the internet it is out there for people to see and can’t be taken back. While yes you can delete posts, that doesn’t mean those that saw it can unsee it. You never know who might see your posts, especially if they or your profile/page are not privates. 

Many employers now do ‘social checks’ on potential employees. They want to ensure they aren’t hiring someone that could potentially negatively represent their company. 

Therefore, below is a quick list of some do’s and don’ts to keep your social media employer friendly. 

Try a google search for your name and see what pops up

Try a google search of your name and see what pops up!

Do's and Don'ts of Social Media


  • Set your personal posts or profiles to private 
  • Post positive items and set those as public posts  
  • Provide thoughtful and respectful, even if negative, reviews on business’ profiles 


  • Use social media as a place to rant about people or places
  • Post derogatory or inappropriate words or images
  • Instigate or engage in arguments on social posts

Don't Burn Any Bridges

When you are angry, even at an employer, it can be tempting to turn to social media to vent or complain. However, in the professional world it is never a good idea to do so, for several reasons. 

First, as mentioned above you truly never know who will see your posts. A future potential employer might see it and feel your post is unprofessional, which hurts your chances at that job you want. 

Next, many of our North Carolina cities and towns have proven they really are small places when it comes to the professional community. You’d be amazed at who knows who in the professional world. A Facebook post or TikTok video of you complaining about a past employer can quickly spread, and leave a bad impression with a future employer. 

Lastly, you never know when you might need help from that employer you want to speak ill of on social media. For all you know, a potential employer might contact them for a reference! 

If you feel the need to vent, turn to a trusted friend or family member… and rant in-person or on the phone not online!

Need More Help?

Still unsure of what to post or more fittingly not post on social media? We want to ensure you have the best chances at getting your next job. So, if you still have questions, simply fill out our contact form and we will be happy to answer your questions. 


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