Searching for the Perfect Seasonal or Holiday Job?

Tis’ the season… for holiday and seasonal workers. Whether you need an extra side hustle to buy gifts or are maybe between jobs and wanting to try something new, these employment opportunities are a perfect fit. But where should you look for these holiday or seasonal jobs? Plus, what should you expect from these types of jobs? Jobs Market has all those answers and shares all the details in our latest blog.

Where Sould I Look for Seasonal or Holiday Jobs?

There are four different places to look for these jobs. Those are:

  1. Big box retailers
  2. Grocery stores
  3. Restaurants 
  4. Local, small businesses
big box stores are always hiring for the holidays

Big Box Retailers

Even prior to the pandemic customer demand and labor shortages, chain retailers are known for increasing up their holiday staff to meet the heightened demand. Here are just a few stores to look into for holiday jobs. 

Grocery Stores

With all the family gatherings and parties during the holiday season, grocery stores stay very busy this time of year so need plenty of staffing. That means it’s usually a safe bet they are hiring during this time of year. Here are a few places to consider if you want a seasonal job at a grocery store.


Like grocery stores, restaurants are busier during the holiday season. When it comes to choosing a restaurant to potentially work at there are two major types to consider – chain/franchise or locally owned. With a chain, there are usually more opportunities and openings. However, locally owned restaurants are known for caring greatly for their staff and offering more flexibility. It is best to apply to a mix of both and see which has the pay and hours you need. 

Local, Small Business

This last one is always important for local economies and communities. These employers often can’t provide large benefits like larger employers, but usually make up for it with treating staff as more than just an employee. The tend to be more understanding of those that need a flexible schedule. Plus, it’s more likely a seasonal job here could turn into a long-term job. A few types of small businesses to consider include: 

  • Bakeries
  • Boutiques 
  • Coffee Shops
  • Service Businesses

What Should I Expect from These Types of Jobs?

First, always keep in mind these seasonal/holiday jobs are usually temporary. However, if you prove yourself as a valuable employee, it is very possible they will want to keep you on their staff. 

Next, be prepared for a busy season. Remember those employers need extra help as the customer demand is higher this time of year. 

Finally, some of these businesses, especially large retailers, are open on actual holidays. If you need any holidays off be sure to give your employer plenty of notice. On the plus side, working holidays usually means time and a half!

Where Should I Look for These Jobs?

Decide first which type of job(s) you want to apply for. Then, check out their websites and social media for applications and openings. For local or small businesses you may need to request an application in-person or via email.


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