About CCi

A Company Owned by Patients
We've all been a patient at one time or another and we all know what it's like. Who better to shape the future of the patient experience than a company owned by patients?

CCi is 100% EMPLOYEE-OWNED and places a premium on the personal touch. When it comes to serving your community, our hands-on approach brings patient care beyond the bedside and into the home.

Like No Other
Because of our truly unique partnerships, we can do what others can't, and go where others aren't. As a matter of fact, we're already there!

The patient's experience isn't the only thing we're out to improve, but yours, as well.
Find out how our services are integrated within your system already, and why that makes all the difference.

We Know What's Important
Patients deserve a billing experience that is helpful, friendly and personalized. They deserve empathy. They deserve to understand, and be understood.

We've known this for over 45 years and continue to make it our mission to innovate, improve and even re-imagine the ways in which we connect patients and providers.

It makes our day when we make their day...