Computer Training Courses: Free Trial

February 1, 2017 lynda online computer training

This free trial will give you access to hundreds of online computer training courses. Courses on Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Design, Adobe, Photoshop, WordPress, PDF, CAD, Business, Developer, Web, Video… the list goes on and on.   Buy as a gift, try it yourself or share this post with friends and family.      10 Day

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Computer Training – 10 Day Free Trial

January 15, 2017

Now is your chance to learn something new with computer training.           and it won’t cost you a penny with this 10 day free trial.  Take a class on Web Design , SEO, Photoshop, WordPress or Excel. Hundreds of computer training courses to choose from. You’ve got nothing to lose and

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How to Become a Web Developer

September 10, 2015 lynda online computer training

Building a static website is relatively easy. But to build a rich, interactive web experience today takes much more code behind the scenes than you may expect. It requires someone with at least some training: a web developer. Although becoming a web developer may seem daunting, there’s a lot you can do to learn the ropes

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