Features and Benefits of Our Free Employer Accounts

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Owning a business means lots of expenses. It also means you often need staff to help you with various roles within your company. Are you looking for a way to reach potential employees and not spend a fortune? We've got good news for you! At Jobs Market we offer a free employer account to all businesses large and small! In today's blog we are going to discuss and elaborate on all the features and benefits of our free employer accounts.

What is a Free Employer Account?

Our employer account displays information about your company and any active jobs posted. We list your company description, social media links and jobs available all in one place for website visitors to view.  When logged in, the account is the recruiters dashboard where they can post jobs, edit jobs, set alerts, and view candidate resumes.  

Why do you need an Employer Account?

It is a great way to get your companies information in front job seekers. Today's job seekers do not want to merely apply for a job, they want to learn more and research the company before they apply. They also want to see the company's social media presence. Seeing a company's website and social media gives job seekers some insight into the company's culture and background. A Jobs Market Employer allows businesses to share all this vital information to job seekers!

How do I get an Employer Account?

Luckily, it is as easy as posting a job on our site. This means you can knock out two tasks at once - posting your job and setting up your employer account.

On the post a job page , you'll enter not only your job information but also your company information. Be sure to complete all the fields so we can capture and display all your information! Our innovative platform will collect all that info and create your company profile and employer dashboard all at once.

Best of all, on future job postings, all the company information will auto-fill in so you do not need to enter it twice!

What doers an Employer Account include?

Our free employer accounts include:

  • Company description (Write up includes up to 500 words about your company)
  • Logo
  • Featured Image or video
  • Employer Dashboard
  • Social Media Links
  • Website Link
  • Free Regular Job Postings

Get started!

Create an account / Post a job!

Spread the word about your jobs and company to job seekers today with our Free Employer Accounts!

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