Hiring International Workers Adds Diversity to Your Small Business

When you’re running a business in today’s day and age, it’s important that you’ve taken diversity into account. A diverse set of workers creates an accepting workplace culture that you should be fostering as a small business owner. Have you hired immigrants or foreign-based workers from Nigeria before? If not, the process may seem a little bit intimidating. Don’t worry! It doesn’t have to be. We’re going to cover the benefits of hiring a diverse set of workers, and things to keep in mind when you do!

The Benefits of a Diverse Workplace

Hiring a diverse workforce leads to having a more diverse workplace. When you have a diverse workplace, you enjoy the many benefits that come with it. These benefits are listed below.

befefits of hiring a diverse workforce

Innovation in Your Field

Diverse workers bring a different perspective to the workplace. With this perspective comes opportunities for innovation. When you hire an immigrant or a foreign-based worker, you’re getting a fresh set of eyes on your processes, and you may get feedback on how to improve them!

A Bigger Talent Pool

Hiring immigrants and Nigeria-based workers increases the size of your talent pool. When you do this, you have more opportunities to hire better workers! Being able to hire better talent also gives you the opportunity to retain said talent, improving your business for years to come.

Employee Empowerment and Engagement

A diverse or inclusive workplace is a workplace that fosters employee empowerment. When your employees feel empowered, you’re more likely to engage with them. As you engage with your employees, you’ll see increased performance, which leads to increased sales. That’s never a bad thing!

How Hard is it to Hire an Immigrant or Nigeria-Based Worker?

Luckily, hiring an immigrant or Nigerian worker isn’t difficult. You just have to make sure that things are organized the right way to be able to do so. When you’re hiring an immigrant, you need to make sure that you’re hiring an authorized worker. Authorized workers are legally able to obtain employment in the United States. Candidates will be able to provide documentation stating they’re authorized to work when asked for it, but you’ll need to ask for it.

Hiring a worker from Nigeria is equally as easy. Often, foreign-based workers are utilized for digital projects, often on a freelance basis. There are a large number of job boards available online, such as JobsMarket.com, that can assist with this. These let you hire candidates from Nigeria. The projects can be discussed online entirely, making the process easy.

How Do I Pay a Foreign-Based Worker?

When you’re paying the foreign-based workers you’ve hired, you may be worried about how you’re going to pay them. International wire transfers and other payment platforms aren’t cheap, after all. Thankfully, modern payment solutions like Remitly are available.

Remitly allows you to pay your Nigeria-based workers at a reasonable rate, and they do all of the currency conversions for you. Payments can be sent with little to no fees. They offer promotions to help with the costs, too. This makes it very easy.

Diversify Your Workforce

When you create a diverse workplace, you create an inclusive workplace. Diversifying your workforce is going to improve your business rapidly in a number of different ways. If you’re ready to get started with a more diverse pool of candidates, get in touch with a recruiter today!

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