Earn Extra Cash with the JobsMarket.com Affiliate Program

The JobsMarket Affiliate Program is ideal for staffing / recruiting professionals and social media marketers.  Here are two ways to earn extra cash by doing what you already do!

  1. JMC Affiliate or Job Posting Agent: We will pay you or your business a commission on any referred clients or customers that purchase any of our products or services. This includes revenue generated from job postings, resume services, and banner advertising.
    • Time commitment: 10+ hours per week
    • Continuously scan the internet, social media, local media for employment related content which could be posted and shared on JobsMarket.com and our social media pages.
    • Sales and marketing to attract and pursued employers to post on JobsMarket.com.
    • Post and share employment related content on our social media pages.
    • Customer service follow up conversations and emails with customers.
  2. Operate a JobsMarket Region or Category: As part of our mission, JobsMarket is continuously expanding, with regionally local and category-specific web presences.  A regional or category affiliate will conduct all operations necessary to produce a current, relevant online resource for job seekers and employers. This includes content curation, social media marketing, sales, SEO & SEM. You will earn commissions on any revenue generated from your operation. You will also be responsible for a marketing budget for your operation.  Commissions include revenue generated from job posting, resume services, banner advertising and other revenue streams.  See About the JMC Network for more details on markets we serve.

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